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Find here information on an enormous crocodile called”Lolong” has died at the eco-tourism park he inhabited only eighteen months after being recorded. The Saltwater crocodile was formally announced the largest crocodile in captivity in 2011. The crocodile had become an important tourist attraction and as the local mayor of the town of Bunawan, where the park was situated,stated: “Lolong helped put our city on the world map”.

Believed responsible for the deaths of numerous local fisherman, a comprehensive crocodile search was instigated to bring this man-eater into captivity. The marshes of the Agusan del Sur province of the Philippines were hunted and this monster crocodile was caught in a snare, enticed from the carcase of a pig used as bait. When the crocodile was captured, pictures of the massive reptile tied to a cart and surrounded by eager villagers quickly spread around the world, this part of the Philippines had found fame and fortune due to the apex predator. “Lolong” was named after one of those people sent into the region to help trap the crocodile. He died of a heart-attack and because of this this monstrous crocodile was named after its final victim.

The crocodile, which is considered to have been at least fifty years old, fell ill after consuming a piece of nylon cord around three weeks ago and it was suffering from intestinal problems but the true cause of death has not yet been determined. An autopsy is being completed and the results will be printed next week. The weather was unseasonably cold and it’s believed that the crocodile might have been influenced by the cold conditions. Whatever, the reason behind death, the crocodile will leave a lot of the city in mourning as it was a significant tourist attraction bringing a great deal of traffic to Bunawan.

A vet who participates in reptiles was called in and the crocodile was immersed in a pool of tepid water in an effort to revive it but to no avail.

Mayor of Bunawan, Edwin Elorde commented that he didn’t understand why the crocodile died so unexpectedly. Its passing is a complete mystery to the townsfolk right now and lots of the natives who were thankful for the fame and fortune the crocodile brought to the region are in mourning because of its departure.

Crocodiles are Archosaurs the identical reptile group since the dinosaurs, even though they’re not that closely linked to the Dinosauria. Palaeontologists believe that the Saltwater crocodile species (C. porosus), the largest reptile on Earth now, has persisted as a species for more than 1.5 million years.

A range of additional Saltwater crocodiles have already been offered to the specially created eco-tourism park which was put up to house”Lolong”, however, lurking in the marshes surrounding the town there are rumoured to be even bigger crocodiles still on the loose. The eco-system from the marshland is very rich, offering a refuge for a variety of endangered species in the Philippines as well as some very large Saltwater crocodiles. Although not closely related to dinosaurs, the inhabitants of this town of Bunawan came to love the fact they had their own prehistoric monster that was in itself a substantial tourist attraction. Officials were not able to say whether the projected investment in the infrastructure surrounding the eco-tourist park could continue following the death of the park’s star attraction.

Townsfolk Mourn the Death of the Crocodile

A pig was slaughtered in honor of the deceased reptile and offerings were made by sailors into the soul of”Lolong”. The crocodile has had its head removed and it’s been skinned. The remainder of the carcase was buried so the flesh could rot immediately away allowing the bones to be exhumed at a later date along with an exhibition created. It’s hoped that even in passing this very large crocodile would behave as symbol of their rich natural environment and help to save the habitat in addition to encouraging eco-tourists into the state.

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R.I.P. Lolong

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