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Just book a taxi online and it will come to pick you up in a jiffy and that too at your doorstep. Now, you do not have to go in person to the cab stand and bargain with the drivers with the luggage on. The process now is now just so hassle free these days.

But, as the convenience is there, similarly some risk is also there. Be it a man or a woman there is always a small amount of risk of danger whilst travelling in the taxi. Although the technology now is very advanced, the place of the cab can be easily monitored at the time of an emergency, but doing a little bit on your part isn’t in any way harmful.

Here are some points to keep in mind while travelling in the cab.

1. Avoid taxis on the remote streets.

2. Always be cautious when speaking out your destination address to the taxi driver as it can be overheard by the people around you.

3. Carefully identify the cab and the number that you booked.

4. Do share the details of the driver and the cab at least with one of your loved ones.

5. Do not open your purse or other things while in the cab. As there are chances of you forgetting something when getting out.

6. Never take a nap in the taxi. Stay awake and take a look at the direction to check if it is the right way or not.

7. This helps in avoiding the chances of giving extra money at the moment of rush.

8. If the driver makes you feel uneasy, select another taxi.

9. Do not talk anything personal over the telephone to anyone while you are in the taxi as you might leak out some information that would be a sign to the driver to hurt you in any way.

10. Try avoiding any conversation with the driver as you may distract him while driving.

11. Be alert while at the sharing taxi. Move out in the event you don’t feel comfortable.

12. Pest Control

13. If you don’t want to reveal your home address, get off the cab few meters before your destination.

14. Keep your keys handy whilst getting out of the cab and get into your house immediately.

15. If you felt any issue or suspicious with the cab or the driver, do not fear of telling it to the police because you might help to protect other people.

Whether a person is a student, working or an older, he/she uses the cab at some or the other point in life. And, as it’s the best saying,”Prevention is better than cure”.

Stay safe in a cab

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